August 26, 2011

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

Title: She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
Jonathan Emmett (Author)
Deborah Allwright (Illustrator)

Comprehension Strategy: Visualizing
Art Modality: Movement/Music

Forget everything you know about who’s comin’ ’round that mountain! This pink-pajama-wearing, jelly-jar-juggling, rooftop-dancing cowgirl is sure to charm the spurs off any rancher, and tickle the funny bone of the most ornery varmit. This classic song has brand-new verses and enough “tee-hees,” “toot-toots,” and “squish-splats” to keep kids singin’, shoutin’, and reading again and again. (Summary from book.)

She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
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Yee-haw, y’all! This book has a built-in in music and movement motivator. Just check out the back pages; then gallop over to a color copier to enlarge and copy the movement cards. Why? Well let’s just whoa-back to the beginning of the lesson.

Begin by, make that singing aloud each verse of the song. Encourage students to visualize the details of each verse before showing them the illustrations. Your students will get some great practice creating images in their minds as you sing about the cowgirl wearing pink pajamas and juggling jelly.

Next use the movement cards you created to encourage students to move and sing along. After several group rounds, you might want to divide the class into eight groups to represent the eight verses. Time to round up some reading fun!

Take a listen to the audio version of the book:

Find out more about the author at his website:

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