January 13, 2012

Dancing Feet!

Title: Dancing Feet
Lindsey Craig (Author)
Marc Brown (Illustrator)

Comprehension Strategy: Questioning                                   
Art Modality: Creative Movement

“Clickity! Clickety! Long green feet! Who is dancing that clickity beat? Lizard is dancing on clickity feet.” Introducing a get-up-and-dance book—so catchy and rhythmic, you’ll almost want to sing it. Lindsey Craig’s rollicking text features funny sound words (Tippity! Creepity! Stompity! Thumpity!), a singsong beat, and a guessing element just easy enough for little ones to anticipate. Marc Brown’s artwork is bright, textured, and joyful, a collage of simple shapes for kids to find and name. So grab a partner and tap your feet to this read-aloud picture-book treat. (Summary from book.)

Dancing Feet

Want to get your little ones off on the right foot when it comes to thinking about reading? Read aloud this picture book to introduce questioning to beginning readers. Pause after you read the question for each animal. (“Who is dancing that tippity beat?”) Invite youngsters to look at the animal’s footprints and isolated body parts to predict which animal will be shown on the next page. After thinking about the answer to each question, turn the page and explore one of the movement suggestions below.

movement suggestions
Balance on one foot; then tap feet. (tippity)
Stomp. (stompity)
Waddle. (slappity)
Tiptoe. (creepity)
Jump with both feet. (thumpity)
Tap feet. (clickity)

When youngsters are familiar with the rhythm of the text and movements, vary your speed to help develop their body control and listening skills.

Idea Contributors:
Get up on your feet to show your appreciation for the contributors of this movement lesson—Maria Hanley and Kerry Aradhya. To see more of their great ideas for combining picture books with creative movement, just hop over to their blogs! 



  1. Nice! This looks like fun!

  2. This is great! I have been following Kerry's blog for some time now, and it's great! Good to see her (and Maria) featured here.

  3. Thank so much for featuring my ideas at your blog! I look forward to reading more of your ideas and connecting! :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks from me, too. Maria always has great dance ideas, and your blog is the perfect venue for sharing them. We need more arts in school! :)

  5. Kids will love this! Such fun sounds and accompanying steps. Makes me want to try it! I think I will...

  6. Kids will love this! Such silly sounds and accompanying fun steps. Makes me want to try it! I think I will.....

  7. What a cool book! I definitely need to look for it. Thanks.
    Grade ONEderful

  8. Looking forward to reading this during storytime visits. I plan to play "Animal Action 1" by Steve and Greg as an activity after the story.


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