November 13, 2011

Over the River: A Turkey's Tale

Title: Over the River: A Turkey's Tale
Derek Anderson (Illustrator)
based on the song by Lydia Maria Child

Comprehension Strategies: Visualizing, Inferring                  
Art Modality: Music

Over the River Mama, Papa, and Baby Turkey embark for their vegetarian Thanksgiving feast. But when a hungry boy and his dog start sniffing around, the turkeys have got to think fast before they become the main course! Readers of all ages will be wondering who's going to gobble up whom until the dessert finale. (Summary from

Over the River: A Turkey's Tale

Thanksgiving is coming up on us like a hound dog on a turkey! Here's a quick side dish for your reading lessons this week. I saw this book at my local big-book-store chain last night. I "gobbled" it up, and thought you might like it, too. The recipe is quick and simple. Just cover the outside of the book. Read or sing the words; then have students discuss, draw or write what they visualized. Reread or resing the story. This time invite students to carefully view the illustrations to discover the story of the turkey family on the way to their feast. Can your students infer how the turkeys are feeling along the way? Now it's time for all your little turkeys to sing along.

Over the river and through the woods, off to the bookstore you go!

For more information about the illustrator:


  1. Looks like a cool book! Wish I had it tomorrow for ART DAY!!! Like a hound dog on a turkey, huh? Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. Love this lesson. Thanks for the great idea! I'm your newest follower because I can't wait to see what you have here for December books!
    First Impressions

  4. THANKS, Dee! I'd better get busy...been flying by the seat of my pants lately. I'm off to the book store this weekend. Got any ideas for Christmas books that might have drama, music, movement possibilities?
    Smiles, JG

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  6. Hi Jayne! I just adore your blog, and always reference it when I need some literacy advice! I nominated your blog for an award. Please jump over to my blog and check it out.
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  7. Aren't you just a sweet friend for giving me an award?! Thanks for the mention. I'm in second grade now...but I teach Kindergarten still in my dreams. You are lucky! Keep up the good work with your adorably cute blog.
    Smiles, Jayne


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