March 24, 2012

New Friends...and some the Georgia Children's Lit Conference

  ABCs of reading went live today! I presented a session at the annual Conference on Children's Literature at the University of Georgia. We had so much FUN! I told the teachers in the group, "What happens in room E, stays in room E." However my new friend and first-grade teacher gave me permission to post this photo of her acting like a chicken. If you are wondering why, just click the book cover to go to the idea.

Here's another fun teacher...she's a professor of children's literature at Valdosta State. I'm telling you that just to make her students happy. There could be blackmail for good grades involved with this photo.
I think I found a soul sister in "Catherine Drama." Also a special thanks to my "Auburn" buddy who helped me clean up. She provided good company and conversation at the luncheon.

Finally, another presenter shared some great ideas for one of my feature books Yesterday I Had the Blues. You can see her work here: and my original post by clicking the book cover.
Thank you to all the ladies that attended the session today. All names have been removed from the blog to protect the innocent. I know I said "What happens in room E, stays in room E." But I didn't really mean it. I hope you take the ideas and use them with your kids! (Please send pictures.) Have lots of fun using the arts to teach the comprehension strategies. 
Happy Teaching! 


  1. Go Jayne! So proud of you! Presenting at UGA...WOW!! Gonna be able to say I knew you when...must not have been any geese involved today...HONK!

  2. Way to go, Jayne! It looks like you guys had a blast.

    Grade ONEderful

    1. Wish you could have been with us. Hmm...too long of a drive?!


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